Doc's Pro Plugs

We carry Doc's Proplug earplugs for all sizes of ears and Ear Bandits, a head band that acts as an ear protectant. If you need protection for your ears from activities like swimming or showering, come in and get fitted for your own personalized pair of Doc's Proplugs or your own Ear Bandit.  Prices range from $8.95 for the Proplugs and $15.50 for Ear Bandits. 



-DIVING:  The .02'' vent helps promote safe and easier equalization.  The manual of an International Diving Instructor Associatian advises only Vented Earplugs Designed for Diving be used.

-SWIMMING:  The DPP helps preserve earwax to prevent Swimmer's Ear like an anteseptic.

-SURFING:  The DPP warms the Ear Canal helping to prevent the bone growth of Surfer's Ear.

-HIGH FREQUENCIES: The Selective Vent helps block (20dB) of dangerous high frequencies, but allows safe voice levels to be heard.

-VENTILATION TUBES: The DPP helps prevent recurrent Middle Ear Infection after Insertion of Ventilation Tubes.  Surface Tension helps keep dirty water out.


Last Updated: 10/17/2012