Caloradâ is a natural supplement often used as a fat and inch loss product. It is a collage protein formula that supports the body's lean muscle tissue and fuels the body's natural mechanisms. For those who carry around excess fat, the support of lean muscle assists the body in burning sugars and fats more efficiently. For those who are underweight or in good physical condition, Caloradâ encourages stamina and vitality.


The use of Caloradâ does not require calorie counting, restricted diet, or exercise. It produces beneficial results for 86% of those who use it for 90 days or longer! Caloradâ is a safe and effective product with a proven record of success. The uses of this product are wide in spectrum. It provides a special fuel that each body can utilize for its own highest good. Today, it is being used as a nutritional supplement for many health profiles by practitioners and consumers.

Using Caloradâ for fat burning and weight loss requires one tablespoon before bed (just before your head hits the pillow) on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink anything 3hrs prior to taking Caloradâ with a glass of water. Each bottle provides a 30 day supply.


·         86% success rate

·         No dieting or exercise necessary

·         No herbal stimulants

·         Safe, all natural

·         No muscle loss

·         Assists muscle tone

·         Sleep better

·         Increase stamina

·         Shorten workout recovery time

·         Lose inches in the right places

·         Reduce wrinkles and age spots

·         Strengthen joints

·         Experience a sense of well being


Last Updated: 10/17/2012