More About Us

    Charlie’s Discount Drug offers a full range of pharmaceutical products and services with the personalized customer service each and every person deserves.  Since 1979, Charlie’s Drug has been there to offer the very best for Stillwater. Charlie’s Drug is located at 8th and Walnut in Stillwater.

    The pharmacy was opened by Charlie Holcomb in 1979 and Hernandez had worked there as a pharmacist for about 10 years before buying it. When she bought the drugstore, Debbi Hernandez thought about changing the name. But when she looked into changing the name, she found out how difficult it would be. “Because of all the license and contracts, it would be easier to change my name to Charlie.”

    Debbi the single mother of three who moved to Stillwater in 1969 continues to operate the business under the name it has always had. Though she hadn’t planned to own a business, Hernandez decided she wanted to be a pharmacist when she was young. “I knew I wanted to do something health-related because I liked helping people. I didn’t want to go to Med. School because that was too long.  My dad had a cousin that was a pharmacist in Duncan.  I knew I wanted to go to pharmacy school and I never changed my mind and did it.”

    The staff at Charlie’s Drug are all trained to answer your questions and provide exceptional customer service.  The store has two licensed pharmacists, Debbi and Lance Reece, in addition to three pharmacy-techs Kaci Hernandez, Ashely McKnight, and Cheyenne Royal.  Kaci is trained in DME and is available to answer questions on glucose monitoring and nebulizer equipment.   

    With a new emphasis being placed on monitoring cholesterol levels, Charlie’s Drug is proud to offer the Cholestech LDX test to customers.  No appointment is necessary, and the test requires only a finger stick with the results available in only five minutes.  The fasting version runs $35. Charlie’s carry such recognized products as Mason brand vitamins and supplements and Calorad, the “lose weight while you sleep” supplement.

    Emergency after-hours prescription service is offered and free prescription delivery is available.  Charlie’s Discount Drug offers other services including online ordering, text message or email notifications of prescriptions filled and ready for pick up, vaccinations, and fittings for ear plugs.  The drugstore’s phone number is 405-624-3535, which doubles as an after-hours emergency number as well.

Last Updated: 7/25/2017